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Muslin Geometric Quilt

Quilt made from muslin using pattern Cranberry Chutney. ..

Quilted on my domestic machine using a walking foot. Fabrics from Marcus collection aged muslin. 



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  1. I saw this quilt on Craftsy, followed up to find or buy the pattern. This is perfect for my dad. Where did you find it, or is it an original of yours? I’d love to do this one! Help?

  2. Hello,
    I came by your wonderful site by chance.
    Regarding the blue and white wedding quilt in April 2016, do you have a pattern for this that I can purchase. Preferably PDF as I am in Australia.
    This is one of the best quilts i’ve seen and would love to do it for me. While i’ve Been quilting for ten years I have only ever kept one.

    I also love the one you’ve done with jelly roll. Well done

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Gail – thanks for your kind words. The quilt is paper pieced and came from a book called Paper Pieced Modern by Amy Garro. I hope you are able to find it in Australia. Fun to make

  3. Your quilts are beautiful. Do you make memory quilts? I am up for any design and throw size.
    Thank you, Trisha

    1. Hi Trish
      Thanks for your kind words. I don’t make memory quilts – I did it once and found it very stressful. Mostly I make quilts for friends, family and for Project Linus. I don’t make quilts to sell. Have a great day….Sue

  4. I would like the pattern Muslin geometric quilt posted January 15, 2018. Do you have a pdf file?


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