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My Happy Place is South Africa on Safari

This is a challenge quilt, where the challenge was to make a 20″ X 24″ quilt that represents my happy place. I loved going on photo safaris when working in South Africa. This wall hanging was designed by my son, John Hofstetter –

Challenge 20 inch Square

This GEMS challenge required us to use the light green/yellow fabric in a 20″ square where a 2-inch strip of the fabric bordered the edge of the square in two places. The group of finished squares will be displayed at the Soo-Nipi quilt show. They will be arranged so that the 2-inch pieces meet from […]

Almost the Periwinkle Challenge

My quilt group challenge was to make a quilt using the color of the year, which is periwinkle. I thought this color was right, but then I found a totally different color named periwinkle, so that is the one I used for the challenge. So – I played with this one using lots of doodling […]

2020 Challenge Quilt for Soo-Nipi Quilter’s Guild

The 2020 challenge was designed specifically for the time we were all home due to the pandemic. The rules were to create a quilt 20 inches by 20 inches with 5 distinct elements – each with four examples. My quilt has: (1) four orphan blocks I made when I first started quilting. They were designated […]

Center of Attention

The SooNipi Quilt Guild president challenged the membership to make a quilt – no larger than 40″ by 40″ that only used black and white (or gray) and one other color. I considered lots of options, but settled on this one. Then there was the question of which color to use….the obvious choice was red, […]

Challenge Quilt Using 2.5″ Strips

Very excited about this quilt, which was my take on a challenge to design a quilt using 2.5″ strips of fabric. Each strip is quilted with a different free motion quilt design. It was inspired by a photo I saw on Facebook of a linen wall hanging made by Judith Poxson Fawkes.